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KennethDon, born and raised in West Texas spent most of his life in agriculture, living the visual and emotional impact of dust storms, struggle and with a deep family connection for which has empowered his being with the love of earth, life, and strong conviction. As a young boy always with camera in hand, shooting film with no restrictions, then as now ~ a passion and desire for art of photography and the beauty of life as it perceived through his eyes. His life experiences have made him aware of his surroundings, not to take life and moments for granted and instilled in him his genuine beliefs. His work conveys a photographic expression of his world and his emotions during his journey. His images depict his state of mind and the language of his emotions. Every image being a self portrait. The composition of his artwork comes from psychological and physical extremes and conditions that play on every human sense and evoke a visual and cerebral language .These extraordinary images are captured in a straightforward manner, there’s no contrived theme, there’s no documentary and there’s no planning as many other use in preparation to create ~ Kennethdon’s artistic impressions are documentary of his emotion, his connection and his story. His photographic artistry is not about conveying literal truth about the subject, but more the personal interpretation of the subject.
Kennethdons’ passion for the art of photography manifests as tangible expressions of the mind. It is his sincere desire to not only share his pictorial interpretations of reality, but also cultivate within the viewer an intellectual interest that transcends the realm of one-dimensional thinking

“In a world of what seems to be full of despair and pain, the power of photography and the story one image tells can change the life of not only the subject but the photographer himself. The outlet of art and the story it tells are — to me — more than what can be written or expressed vocally. Photography and the power of just one image is the pathway to healing; the gateway to understanding. It is a look into the mind” 

As a photographer Ive always striven to convey my thought process to a medium which I could preserve, not only for others to see, but for me to understand the directions I take in life , the passion of photography starts with a capture , the meaning of why I click the shutter , a process of steps that tell my story. I am in control of how I capture it , the reasons , the timing etc … be in control of the decisions I make, is what defines my work. The unsurpassed quality of the Epson Stylus pro 9900 gives me the confidence and comfort in knowing the journey is “mine”….kennethdon

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